VTU ECE 4th Sem CBCS Scheme Notes

VTU ECE 4th SEM notes

VTU ECE 4th Sem Notes: In This Page, Students Can Download VTU Notes For 4th Sem CBCS Scheme According to Module Wise. These Notes Are Available To Download in PDF Format.

VTU Electronics and Communication Engineering CBCS Scheme 4th Sem Notes

Engineering Maths – 4 Notes

Microprocessors Notes

Subject Code :15EC42

Module-1: 8086 Processor & Instruction Set of 8086

Module-2: Logical & String manipulation instructions

Module-3: Stack and Interrupts

Module-4: 8086 Bus Configuration and Timings & Basic Peripherals and their Interfacing with 8086 (Part 1)

Module-5: Basic Peripherals and their Interfacing with 8086 (Part 2) & INT 21H DOS Function calls

Control Systems Notes

Signals and Systems Notes

Principles of Communication Systems Notes

Linear Integrated Circuits Notes

Subject Code :15EC45

Module-1: Operational Amplifier Fundamentals, OP-Amps as DC Amplifiers

Module-2: Op-Amps as AC Amplifiers, OP-Amp Applications

Module-3: More Applications

Module-4: Active Filters, Voltage Regulators

Module-5: Phase locked loop, DAC and ADC convertor, Other IC Application