VTU Civil Engineering 8th Sem CBCS Scheme Notes

8th Sem CBCS Scheme Notes

VTU 8th Sem CBCS Notes: In This Page, Students Can Download VTU Notes For 8th Sem CBCS Scheme According to Module Wise. These Notes Are Available To Download in PDF Format.

VTU Civil Engineering CBCS Scheme 8th Sem Notes

Quantity Surveying and Contracts Management

Subject Code :15CV81

Module–1: Quantity Estimation for Building

Module–2: Quantity Estimation for Roads

Module–3: Specification for Civil Engineering Works & Analysis of Rates

Module–4: Contract Management-Tender and its Process

Module–5: Contract Management-Post award & Valuation

Design of Pre Stressed Concrete Elements

Subject Code :15CV82

Module–1: Introduction and Analysis of Members

Module–2: Losses in Prestress

Module–3: Design of Sections for Flexure

Module–4: Design for Shear

Module–5: Anchorage zone stresses and design of anchorages

Elective Subjects Notes

Elective Subjects of 8th Semester

15CV831-Earthquake Engineering

15CV832-Hydraulic Structures

15CV833-Pavement Design

15CV834-Advanced Foundation Design


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